Playground Demo Database

The Playground uses a demo database, named 'playground', about Pinball machines. This database is designed to showcase the different APIs and capabilities of the DarwinoDB APIs.
Some of the data, such as the manufacturers and models, are real data, while others, like owners' profiles and forum content, are generated data.

The database is composed of the following stores:


Contains the pinball machines information. There is one document per Pinball machine, containing the model, manufacturer, technical characteristics and so on. Each document also contains a picture of the machine, provided as a binary attachment named 'picture.png'.
A few fields are being extracted to allow queries and categorization:

  • @name
  • @manufacturer
  • @released
{ "ramps": 2, "display": "Dot Matrix", "flippers": 3, "ipdb": "1000", "brand": "Williams, 1992", "name": "The Getaway: High Speed II", "date": "February 1992", "manufacturer": "Williams Electronic Games, Inc.", "value": "$2130 - $2470", "players": 4, "multiball": "3", "cabinet": "Normal", "link": "The Getaway: High Speed II", "type": "SS", "description": "The Getaway: High Speed II is a pinball machine from February 1992, manufactured by Williams Electronic Games, Inc.", "released": 13259, "link-href": "" }


Contains the owners of pinball machine(s). Each owner has a profile described in a document containing the owner information, as well as the list of pinball machines this person owns.

  • @state
  • @city
  • @firstName
  • @lastName
{ "city": "St. Louis", "sexe": "M", "email": "rayers@dwopinball.demo", "state": "MO", "lastName": "Ayers", "pinballs": [{ "ipdb": "861", "name": "Fish Tales", "manufacturer": "Williams Electronic Games, Inc." }, { "ipdb": "3072", "name": "Bram Stoker's Dracula", "manufacturer": "Williams Electronic Games, Inc." }], "firstName": "Randall" }


Mimics a discussion forum between users. There is one document per post. The documents are organized in a hierarchy, using parent/children relationship. The content of these discussions are generated using a nonsense generator, thus the content is not really related to pinballs...
The store is full text indexed, but only on the title field, as they are a limited number of words and we want the search to be discriminant enough.
The following fields are being extracted to allow queries and categorization:

  • @title
  • @author
  • @category
{ "_tags": ["ElectroMechanical", "Electronic"], "title": "Stable tangerine converts into fierce shoe, claims convenient cat", "author": "", "content": "Last Monday morning a tall truck accused a manual. This Thursday morning a silver window was converted into a metallic brick.", "category": "Parts Manufacturer" }

temp, temp1, temp2, tempsocial

This is a set of temporary stores used by the code snippets to create temporary documents.
There are no fields extracted for queries. 'tempsocial' has the social data enabled (tagging, read marks, anonymous social).